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Thank Yous

February 1st, 2010 by Emily

I had one of the best weekends ever. Thanks to Petti Tom and Jay for coming all the way up from San Diego. You three know how to fucking live. Move here. Thanks.

Thanks to the following (organized by both date and relevance (maybe)):

Thursday Jan 28:
1. Kimo’s
2. All the people who went to the Kimo’s show
3. Louie for getting us the Kimo’s show
4. Grubsteak for making me my first tuna melt
5. That first band who didn’t want to play last so we switched with them and they didn’t stay for our set–in case you couldn’t tell, I’m being sarcastic when I list you here under the “thank yous”
6. That sushi bar we went to before the show because I bought like 8 drinks and somehow only paid like $20. Plus the sushi chef guy gave me some free appetizers and I didn’t even have to deal out an HJ
7. Caleb/Shaner/Bow/Wolfe for letting us stay at your house
8. Jill and Veronica for sharing a top 5 worst nights of sleep with me
9. Taylor for rolling a blunt in front of Kimo’s using weed that was found on the ground
10. The Dixie Chicks for writing the song “Cowboy Take Me Away”

Friday Jan 29:
1. House of Shields
2. City Light
3. Sound guy Shawn
4. My Uncle Tom for buying us hella Guinness
5. Anyone who was brave/skinny enough to stand up in that little loft area and watch us
6. That dumb drunk girl at Pizza Zone N Grill who was pissed because her marinara sauce was cold–Thank you for making me feel like less of a dumb drunk bitch.
7. Pizza Zone N Grill for making me a delicious pizza and for heating up that chick’s fucking marinara sauce.
8. Las Lomas alumni who showed up. Go Knights.
9. That one guy who told my mom that I “Look Too Normal” What does that even mean.
10. Orphan Andy’s for having the #1 strangest bathroom situation ever.

Saturday Jan 30:
1. Luigi’s
2. Lefsewaagabanter
3. That radio station we played an in studio at. Those Baby Bell Cheeses were dope. Still, we never got our “free dinner” you promised. It’s okay.
4. MK for getting us that radio thing and puking outside of Luigi’s. You’re a classy man.
5. Tyler and Amanda for letting us stay at their house
6. Amanda for taking care of me when I left the planet for part of the night
7. Genero for showing up for some of our set even though you had to leave and play a show yourself.
8. Whoever makes the pizza at Luigi’s that shit is on point
9. Air hockey table in the back–I totally put shit on you even though your sign said not to. Thanks.
10. The people who took some of our little download cards off the floor but didn’t leave me any bracelets or scrunchies. Actually, no: fuck you I needed a new bracelet or at least a scrunchie to wear around my wrist like a bracelet. You are mean.

Photos are coming soon you impatient people.

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